Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday deals are the next super shopping day after Black Friday. While the retailer prepares their brick and mortar stores to make them ready for super and rush sales, online counterpart ignores the aspect. For this reason, they do not put efforts to design their e-commerce sites for the massive deals. If you want to stand out from the crowd and have a competitive edge, advance preparations are essential. Through prior preparation, you will enhance your opportunities for maximizing profits through making more sales. Also, your site will be comfortable to receive high traffics meaning zero downtimes. Here is how you can get your site ready for Cyber Monday deals:


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Make sure your site is mobile responsive

In 2017 and beyond, mobile devices will be the primary shopping points. Reports from last year’s cyber Monday indicates that more than 50% of the transaction took place through the mobile devices. For this reason, if you are looking on to making more sales in the coming shopping fiesta, you need to ensure your site is mobile responsive.

This way, potential customers will find it easy to reach your site at the comfort of their homes, vehicles or even when on holiday. By making your site mobile responsive, you earn a competitive edge over your competitors who are ignorant to website design trends.

Introduce a virtual customer care

The main reason why your target customers will click the red button and move on to the next site is due to inability to get help on time. To save you from rising bouncing rates, introduce a virtual customer care. You can do this through incorporating a chatbot that will instantly message any visitor log on to your site.

This way, you will develop a sense of concern and reliability on your clients. As such, if they will need some assistance, you will offer it to them immediately. In the end, you will earn more revenue and enhance your customer relations. Hence, you will not only make sales on Cyber Monday but also you will establish long-term customers.

Make your site user-friendly

One thing that will reduce your site bouncing rates is making your site friendly.   Just as you would make your in-store easy to access the shelves, on the online platforms you need to ensure your customers can navigate your site without any difficulties.  

Design your product pages in a way it is easier for the visitors to browse through and view various items on offer. Also, displace each item offer accurately to ensure the customer can distinguish multiple the discounts under every item. Making you’re your site user-friendly will not only earn your more sales but will make your online store a go-to shop for customers future purchases.

All in all, how well you prepare your site for the Cyber Monday deals will determine your profit margins. So, if you dream of success, it now your time to customize your online store for the D-day.

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Inverness McKenzie

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